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GBPF 2013 Call for Papers

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Submissions sought for:

  • Selection of the optimal dc distribution voltage
  • Integration of distributed generation resources
  • Maximizing overall efficiency
  • DC lighting systems
  • DC HVAC and other building systems
  • DC appliances
  • Building automation and controls
  • DC microgrids
  • Combined heat and power
  • Advanced components and hardware
  • Safety considerations
  • Standardization issues
  • Hybrid ac and dc power distribution architectures
  • Implementation of demand-side management
  • Implications for power quality
  • Reliability and availability
  • And so on

Types of Presentations:

  1. Case Studies/Industry Examples: outstanding examples of recent applications of dc power distribution or hybrid ac and dc power distribution or dc microgrids in commercial, industrial, government, and residential buildings, or in critical facilities such as data centers, including field tests and full production systems.
  2. Implementation and Operational Process: return on investment scenarios and analysis of benefits for implementation of new and improved DC power distribution technologies, with special focus on the role of power electronics; directions and developments in utility interface and integration; needed and/or anticipated changes in regulatory environments.
  3. Technology Developments: projections and forecasts for changes in core power electronic technologies, including new designs/implementations, new applications and new methods for implementing solutions.

Key Dates:

Proposals are due: Please contact Traci Shepard

Final Paper due: August 23, 2013

Conference dates: September 9-13, 2013

Submission Guidelines:

By submitting a paper proposal or abstract for this event, you acknowledge that you will pay a registration fee to attend the conference and present the paper. For specific information about the fees for speakers, you can email GBPF@darnell.com. You can find the registration form for speakers, including early registration and other discounts by clicking here.

Note: Abstract of proposed presentation will be accepted only electronically by email. Send your proposal as an attachment to your email to Traci Shepard.

The Proposal:

Each proposal should be a maximum of 1,000 words and include:

  • Abstract of proposed presentation
  • Proposed format of presentation
  • Presenter's profile

Presentation Format Options:

  • Individual paper from industry
  • Collaborative industry/academic paper
  • Lead a panel discussion

Presenter's Profile:

  • Contact information: name, title, company, address, office phone & fax, e-mail and website (if applicable)

Deadline for Proposals: Please contact Traci Shepard for more information.

Notification and Acceptance Requirements:

Acceptance will not be complete until at least one of the authors has registered to attend the conference and present the paper.

Final Paper/Presentation Submission:

The formal paper will be included in the electronic proceedings and consist of a maximum of six pages in a two-column format, or a maximum of 24 pages of PowerPoint slides (one slide per page).

Deadline for Final Submissions: PowerPoint Presentation Due by August 23, 2013

Note: Final paper submissions will be accepted only electronically by email. Send your paper as an attachment to your email to Traci Shepard.


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